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These brackets suit a variety of pipe Clip heads. They come galvanised for durability. The variety include standard and adjustable.ƒ€š

They are intended for vertical runs. Installs can be made to timber, masonary, and other substrates

Bolted Clipping system uses offers a range of interchangeable heads and supports to suit most applications.
The 2 components needed for each a support is the clipheads (which fits around the pipe) and a support brackets that attaches the head to the solid substrate.
An extensive range of clips is offered to suit most pipe sizes and diameters including PVC, Copper HDPE, Pressure Pipe, Expansion Pipe and stainless steel for highly corrosive environments.
The brackets include standoffs for vertical work and hangers for horizontal work. Also threaded rod ends are available.

Australian made using quality Australian galvanised steel.