Copper Reducing Tee 50mm X 50mm X 40mm (Centre)

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High Pressure Copper Fitting - tees reducing

This High Pressure Copper fitting is used to create a branch in the main pipework run by 90 degrees. Ends have unequal sizes.

When ordering unequal tees, the branch dimension is noted last. Eg a 40 x 40 x 32 tee would be designed make a 32mm branch off a 40mm line.

High Pressure Copper, in this context, is used to describe fittings that use silver brazing alloy to weld them. NB "capillary" fittings also use silver brazing alloy to weld, and cover ranges 15mm - 25mm.

High Pressure Copper fittings are manufactured from copper and made to Australian Standards 3688. The standards are designed to provide a material that is safe for drinking and gas applications as well as meeting a mechanical strength and chemical resistance. They complement copper manufactured to AS 1423. The copper is available is 4 classes, debandent on pressure needs. The common class that is used plumbing is type B. Fittings used in conjuction with Type-B copper attain a working pressure of 3500-5290, depending on size. See Copper pressures chart. This ensures the copper made to Australian Standards is safe, strong and long lasting.

Copper is safe, long lasting, does not burn, is recycleable, is vermin proof and withstands temperatures to 200‚ °C.

Maximum working temperature 80‚ °C and maximum pressure rating 2000kPa.


"Always use a licensed plumber">licensed plumber is required for fitment to your house or business, if this product is used in pipework connected to the mains.