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DWV LIT (Level Invert Taper)50mm X 40mm

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DWV LIT. LIT stands for a Level Invert Taper. It is used to reduce the size of the pipework run. The larger end fits inside another pipe, the smaller end has pipe fitting inside of it. It is imperative that ventaltion points are properly installed to allow correct and uninterupted flow. This fitting should be compared with the socket rerucer. Each has a specific purpose.

DWV (Drainage, Waste and Vent) pipe and fittings are designed to drain soiled water in domestic and commercial application.

N.B. all '90 degree' angled fittings are traditionally maybe noted/sold as "90 degree" but are, in fact, manufactured at 85-88 degrees , to allow for drainage purposes.

PVC pipe is the world’s most popular medium for conveyance of fluids. PVC has well recognised advantages of immunity to corrosion, chemical and micro-/macro-biological resistance, hydraulic capacity, ease of handling and installation together with toughness and flexibility.

DWV pipes and fittings are made from PVC-U. The pipe is rigid and comes in 6mt lengths.

The pipe is joined with it's mating fitting using solvent cement. See installation guide for PVC-U. The jointing system in known as solvent cement joints(SCJ).

The joints do require a setting time of 24 hours to gain full mecahanical strength.

Applications are:- Sewerage lines, vents, stormwater, grey and black water, sink and basin drains. It can be used as stormwater to increase water flow, as it shared many of the same fitting designs. There are adaptors in the stomrwater range that allow for this.

This system can be used above-ground and underground. It can be exposed to sunlight, but it is not recommended over a long term.

A comprehensive range of fittings is available to complete the system, from 40-150mm.

The fittings are pale-grey.


Typically temperature ranging between 0° to 50°C.

They also comply with AS/NZS 1260 – PVC-U pipes and fittings for drain, waste and vent applications.