Pressure Temperature Relief Valve Htt55-1 @ 850Kpa (12mm)

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Pressure, Temperature & Vacuum Relief Valves are safety controls for unvented water heaters. Ensuring that the pressure and temperature of the water do not exceed 99Â °C in the event the normal thermostatic controls fail.

Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves are available in 15mm and 20mm configurations.

Tips for install

The Pressure and Temperature Relief (P & T Relief) Valve should be installed at the heater. The system inlet pressure should be no higher than 80% of the set pressure of the P & T Relief Valve.

Installers must ensure that the set pressure of the High Pressure Expansion Control Valve is suitable for use with the water heater it will be installed with.

 The Drain Line must be compliant with AS 3500. Failure to provide adequate drainage may result in premature activation of the auxiliary pressure relief device.

It is recommended that the easing lever be actuated every six months to prevent accumulation of mineral deposits that may impair valve operation.

 Lever should be operated smoothly as a sudden influx of water may cause the auxiliary pressure relief device to activate.

Australian Standards

AS1357.1 LIC WMKA 0938

Meets Australian Standard for potable water supply

Further information
  • Â Prevents pressure from building up in the event of a blockage in the drain line

  • Â Female BSP thread on outlet thread prevents incorrect installation to the tank

  • Â Plastic coated temperature probe prevents electrolysis of the probe outer casing

  • Â Dezincification resistant

  • Â Sealed spring cavity prevents spring from seizing in the event of calcification

  • Â Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation

  • Â Individually tested and calibrated

  • Â Every valve is tested to ensure high quality and performance

  • Body Cast Gunmetal

  • Â Seat Disc Silicone Rubber Compound

  • Â Standard Pressure Settings Available (kPa): 500, 700, 850, 1000, 1400

  • Â Insulation is available for all Pressure and Temperature Relief Valves.

By law, only a Licensed Plumber can install hot water heaters and their valves, as they form part of the water system.