Pvc Pressure Male Valve Adaptor 100mm X 100Mi

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Cat 2. PVC Pressure male valve adaptor. These are used to join a Pressure PVC(P-PVC) fitting to a female thead. This is an adaptor, so named because it adapts a fitting meant for pipe into a threaded fitting. Thus, one end fits inside a P-PVC fitting (same size as pipe) and the other end is a male thread.

Pressure PVC pipes and fittings are made from PVC-U. The pipe is rigid and comes in 6mt lengths.

The pipe is joined with it's mating fitting using solvent cement. See installation guide for PVC-U. The jointing system in known as solvent cement joints(SCJ).

The joints do require a setting time of 24 hours before pressurized.

Applications are:- Pumped sewerage and effluent pipelines, Potable water, Irrigation and turf watering, Slurry transport, Pressure sewerage, Water supply, Recycled water.

This system is not used in domestic housing, but can be used for above ground and underground.

The fittings can be used for gas, but special yellow pipe is required.

A comprehensive range of pressure fittings is available to complete the system, from 15mm - 150mm. Some larger fittings are available on request.

The fittings are white or off-white.


Pressure rating on fittings are PN18 (1800 kpa) and the pipe is available from PN4.5 (450 kpa for low pressure applications) to PN18.

Typically temperature ranging between 0Â ° to 50Â °C. There are special consideration for application outside this range.

Fittings and pipes are manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 1477 – PVC pipes and fittings for pressure applications.

They also comply with AS/NZS 4020 – Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water and meet all Watermark requirements.