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Slurry Pumps, Pressure Pumps, and Sumps Pumps with floats are available and shipping daily from PlumbersHQ. Your Australian Online outlet for plumbing supplies.

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Can I buy PEX in bulk? - PlumbersHQ

Can I buy PEX in bulk?

The benefits of PEX  More and more plumbers are shifting across to PEX each and every day. Through that, one of the biggest trends we are seeing is in how...

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DWV and Schedule 40 - Are they interchangeable?

The Difference Between DWV and Schedule 40  While there shouldn't be any confusion, there are some instances where the incorrect product is used which can lead to disaster. If you've...

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WELS - What you need to know... - PlumbersHQ

WELS - What you need to know...

The Wells Rating  We all know that WELS is important for consumers to know how to choose the most efficient products available to them. However, there can be confusion from...

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Plumbing Code of Australia - Changes - PlumbersHQ

Plumbing Code of Australia - Changes

We all know that sticking to code is mission critical in the plumbing industry. So as changes are made to the Plumbing Code of Australia we will provide updates for...

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Benefits of PEX - PlumbersHQ

Benefits of PEX

Benefits of Pex  Benefits of using PEX in plumbing include: Flexibility. PEX has become a contender for use in residential water plumbing because of its flexibility. It can bend into...

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