Right Angle Pressure Reducing Valve Boundary Adjustable 500Kpa

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Pressure limiting valves for hot water systems

Pressure Limiting Valves regulate the inlet supply line pressure to a preset maximum.

They prevent over-pressure situations.

Pressure Limiting Valves are ideal for installation with high pressure storage water heaters, water meter, appliances etc.

They are available in 15mm and 20mm in 2 common configurations, FF BSP and Internal Flare. The body is made from DZR Brass to comply with Australian standards and conditions.

The barrel design helps with installation in tight spaces. They also feature Viton O Rings to give a high level of performance and life.

The valve remains open if the pressure in the supply line falls below the maximum preset pressure.

Note:- This valve is of a piston based design and needs a vent hole to ensure operation. If this valve is exposed to high inlet pressures (e.g. Poor water conditions or under water hammer conditions),

damage to the valve can result in water leaking through the vent hole.

To prevent malfunction of this valve, this hole should not be covered or filled in any way. It is recommended not to install this valve in enclosed spaces or areas where the venting of water has a

potential to cause damage.

Features and Benefits

-High pressure and temperature tolerances

-Suitable for a wide variety of pressure limiting applications

-Stainless steel seat

-Extended service life

-Dezincification resistant

-Meets Australian Standard for potable water supply

-Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation. Valve designed to work effectively in either orientation

-Available in fixed outlet pressure settings of 350kPa, 500kPa and 600kPa

Standards and Approvals

AS 1357.2


Installation is subject to the requirements of the applicable regulatory authority, the National Construction Code Volume Three – Plumbing Code of Australia, associated reference standards as

applicable at the time and AS/NZS 3500.1.

Maximum Temperature is 80degree C and maximum inlet pressure is 2000kpa.

Warranty, a replacement warranty is offered for a 12 month period.

By law, only a Licensed Plumber can install hot water heaters as they form part of the water system.