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Can I buy PEX in bulk?

The benefits of PEX

 More and more plumbers are shifting across to PEX each and every day. Through that, one of the biggest trends we are seeing is in how plumbers are buying their supplies.

The biggest shift in how plumbers buy their plumbing supplies is with bulk purchasing. It not only delivers them cost efficiencies, but also means they always have materials on hand for the next job. Its a huge time saver which means they can get to more jobs in a standard working day. The beauty of that is that more jobs equals more billable hours.

From a PEX perspective, the most common product to buy in bulk is coils. They're easy to store in both your factory or van and deliver excellent cost savings, which increases your overall margins.

Here at PlumbersHQ we stock a wide range of PEX products, including coils which we can ship direct to your door.

Check our the range here to start saving time and money:


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