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Plumbing Code of Australia - Changes

We all know that sticking to code is mission critical in the plumbing industry. So as changes are made to the Plumbing Code of Australia we will provide updates for our loyal customers on a regular basis.

The change below primarily effects WA Plumbing.

What's important in updates to the code is when it takes effect and if there is a transition period.


Changes to the Plumbing Code of Australia come into effect from 1 May 2019.

The 2019 National Construction Code update includes a number of changes to the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA).

Plumbing work in WA is required to conform with PCA Parts A; B1; B2 (except Part B2.6); C1; C2; G1; and to the extent that the requirements relate to water supply plumbing and water supply plumbing work — Parts B3 and B4. There are changes permitted to suit WA through Regulation 49 of the Plumbers Licencing and Plumbing Standards Regulations.

Details of the major changes to the Plumbing Code and Regulation 49 of the Regulations are outlined in Industry Bulletin 115 which has been released by Building & Energy. The AS/NZS 3500 series has also been updated and the 2018 version will take effect from 1 May.

The Plumbing Standards are NOT subject to the 12 month transition period that apply for Building Standards and the BCA.


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